Platform Features
Enrichment adds context to ingested alerts from various data sources to provide actionable insights.

Context brings faster MTTD

Enrichment brings the context of interdependencies to your data. The context brings additional reference so you get faster detection and resolution of incidents. Enrich with data from configuration database management systems (CMDBs), asset management databases, discovery systems – it’s all good with Moogsoft!

Enrich across domains for precise insight

Multidomain enrichment data adds key information such as location, department, business criticality, service relationships, runbooks and escalation processes. Moogsoft helps DevOps and SRE teams see everything to resolve incidents quickly.

AI self-enriches data with algorithms

AI in Moogsoft also “enriches itself” without using external intelligence feeds. It parses the data for keywords or pieces of information to populate other fields. And it can combine values in fields to equate to a value in another field. Moogsoft algorithms make your team smarter!
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Additional Features

Noise Reduction

Large volumes of data hinders detecting and fixing an outage.


Correlation is about pattern discovery. It makes logical connections between data from anywhere in technology stacks.

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies that are outside normal operating behavior and impede the customer experience.

Custom Integration

Build your own integration to any data source for full observability and collaboration.


Collaboration across teams is the fastest way to resolve complex multiservice incidents.

Self Service

Moogsoft lets you get up-and-running in minutes by yourself, to quickly realize value.
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