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Noise Reduction
Large volumes of data hinders detecting and fixing an outage.

Modern systems are noisy

The massive amount and velocity of data from modern systems can hinder more than help to detect and resolve issues. As “noise,” the data alone often do not show useful relationships to specific incidents. For faster detection and response, DevOps practitioners and SREs must reduce the noise.

Moogsoft reduces alert noise

Moogsoft reduces noise by automatically applying statistical calculations and noise-reduction algorithms to the alert data. Less noise is the result, which eases detection of anomalies and surfaces only alerts that matter for triage and remediation.

Less noise brings faster MTTD and MTTR

Less noise allows you to find the needle in the haystack for rapid detection and remediation of issues. Moogsoft’s patented algorithms provide a powerful tool for noise reduction and effective action by DevOps practitioners and SRE teams.
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Additional Features


Enrichment adds context to ingested alerts from various data sources to provide actionable insights.


Correlation is about pattern discovery. It makes logical connections between data from anywhere in technology stacks.

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies that are outside normal operating behavior and impede the customer experience.

Custom Integration

Build your own integration to any data source for full observability and collaboration.


Collaboration across teams is the fastest way to resolve complex multiservice incidents.

Self Service

Moogsoft lets you get up-and-running in minutes by yourself, to quickly realize value.
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