Global Mobility-as-a-Service Provider
Needs an Event Management Solution during heavy infrastructure growth

A global mobility as a service provider, allowing users to book a car and driver to transport them in a way similar to a taxi. A technology focused company, its services include ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation.

Business Challenges

As company expands its business and technological capability beyond its original mobility as a service concept, this tech-forward organization has witnessed significant infrastructure growth (at time of deployment, they were managing well over 5,000 devices), the absence of an event management solution, meant they were creating trouble tickets from raw events, and this created a burden on operations, and stifled much needed agility.

“Moogsoft has not only allowed us to take control of our environment, but has freed us up to make significant improvements.”

– Head of IT Operations

Moogsoft Solution

The company reached out to HCL, a Moogsoft partner, and they strongly recommended our solution.

A significant factor in selection was the fact that Moogsoft had out-of-the-box integrations with all of the companies’ event sources, this enabled rapid ingestion of data. Moving forward, they were able to add new event sources rapidly.

Moogsoft’s deduplication, and AIOps clustering algorithms significantly reduced the number of tickets being generated, and the automation almost completely eliminated manual effort (completely eliminating it in the NOC).

Initially, they required bi-directional integration with Jira, and this was easily implemented by the Moogsoft field team. When they transitioned to ServiceNow, the bi-directional integration was out-of-the-box.