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Moogsoft and AWS
As the dominant cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a vital source of operational data. DevOps practitioners and Site Reliability Engineers need all their organization’s AWS data and more to ensure quality code and an optimal user experience.

Ingest data
at scale

AWS integrations easily connect all your monitoring and observability data from AWS Cloudwatch and other tools and systems for scalable ingestion of data streams of any size.

Reduce noise from
all environments

Moogsoft algorithms leverage all your ingested data from AWS and elsewhere to understand its significance and relevance, effectively reducing noise and surfacing only actionable alerts. Finally, you can get control of trouble tickets!

Find and fix
problems faster

Moogsoft Observability Cloud automatically applies intelligence to all data streams to help DevOps and SRE teams proactively identify and resolve incidents before they affect business services.

Correlate Telemetry from Any Environment

Intelligent observability correlates telemetry from both AWS and multi-cloud or hybrid cloud resources. In the time it takes to make a cappuccino, The Moogsoft Observability Cloud integrates and starts correlating data streams from not just AWS, but also third-party monitoring apps and tools, databases, repositories in third-party clouds, legacy or on-premises infrastructure or even service provider networks. Only with Moogsoft, can IT Ops, DevOps and SRE teams can ingest this variety of metrics, logs, and alert data from both AWS and external resources for observability at scale.

Integrate 80 AWS Services in One Click

Moogsoft Observability Cloud allows you to click once on a single checkbox to automatically integrate over 80 standard AWS services. Any service you use on AWS can feed operational data into Moogsoft for intelligent observability. With this single click, Moogsoft begins leveraging AI to automatically correlate metrics, logs and alert data from all these sources along with external data to create high-context events.

Easy, One-Click AWS Integrations

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