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What we believe in...

Moogsoft’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission Statement

Moogsoft believes that as the world grows ever more complex, so should our people and teams. By valuing our employees first, celebrating individual differences, and encouraging new ideas, we strive to cultivate an inclusive environment in order to attract, hire, and develop the best talent.

What is it like working at Moogsoft?

Why Work at Moogsoft?

Udderly Awesome Perks and Benefits

We take our benefits pretty seriously, and you should too. Being a remote-first company, we offer a wide range of benefits from a great Employee Assistance Program, to private Medical and Pet Insurance, and even a charity matching program.

Fully Remote

We are a remote first company with employees distributed amongst the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Flexible Vacation

We value work life balance and allow our employees to take the time that they need.

Employee Enablement

We provide the necessary tools and equipment for our employees to work efficiently which includes a laptop, and internet stipends.

Competitive Salary

We believe in being fair and provide a competitive salary to our employees. In addition, employees receive stock options as the total package.

Medical and Pet Insurance

We strive to offer the best plans to take care of yourself and your furry co-workers.

Charity Matching Program

We encourage employees to support charities and to know that Moogsoft are behind them 100% of the way!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Moogsoft supports employee's mental health by providing confidential counseling services & the Calm App.

Awesome Swag

We believe in building a strong culture, and help the Herd feel connected through swag gifts & team building.

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Moogsoft Hiring Initiatives

Inclusive Hiring Practices Moogsoft strives to be intentional when hiring. We understand that if we want what is best for our teams, we need to be inclusive. To do so, HR and hiring managers make a cautious effort to write inclusive job descriptions and post to various job boards to reach numerous candidates. We also understand that good people know good people, so we provide a referral program to our employees.

Inclusive Workplace

  • Working Remotely: Because we are a remote first company, this allows us to attract candidates nationally, which ultimately provides an opportunity to attract potential employees from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Competitive Pay: We believe in being fair and provide a competitive salary to our employees.
  • Employee Resource Groups: We make a cautious effort for our employees to feel safe and included while working. For example, we internally have an affinity group called “The Betsy’s”- Moogsoft’s Women in Tech Group
  • Benefits: We continually seek out benefits to support our employees, their well being and their best interest- such as providing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and a Charity Matching Program.

Progress: We recognize that there is a lot of progress to be made, and we are continuously learning how to make Moogsoft the best place to work!

Our Interview Process

At Moogsoft, we want to make sure you have a great and well rounded interview experience, where not only do we get to know you, but you get to meet your potential colleagues to see life in the Herd.

Below is a general idea of what the interview process may look like.


Initial Call

We will set up a 15-30 minute virtual conversation with a recruiter or member of the hiring team, where we will get to know you as a person, your work history, and career goals.


Meet Hiring Manager

During this 30-60 minute video interview, you will have the opportunity to speak with your potential supervisor, and deep dive into your skill sets and how you can be an asset to The Herd.


Meet the Team

This is the opportunity to virtually meet with a few potential colleagues and learn more in depth about our company values and the company culture. This may be a panel interview or a few individual interviews.



For some roles, you may be asked to complete an exercise or assessment as part of your interview process.

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