Technical Solutions
Boost MSP Efficiency and Impact
Moogsoft helps MSPs reduce their time-to-ticket, reduce the number of tickets, and enable continuous change of telemetry.

Service Quality Improvement

Clients rely on MSPs to quickly resolve issues before they produce significant impacts upon customers. Efficient incident resolution also allows MSP teams to spend more time building new services, not fixing existing ones. Moogsoft automates ticketing so MSPs learn about incidents earlier, enabling immediately lower Mean Time to Act, Mean Time to Resolve and ultimately reducing incident impact.

Reduce Operating Costs

More tickets means more time and resources required to identify and resolve critical issues. Moogsoft automates accurate detection of actionable issues, streamlining operations and delivering a cost savings that can be passed on to customers.

Deliver Customers Agility

Companies turn to MSPs to quickly achieve the agility needed to embrace a fully digital business model. Moogsoft gives MSPs a single platform from which to help their clients do so by streamlining monitoring and incident management with advanced AI and ML.
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