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Unified Hybrid Cloud Monitoring
Instantly begin intelligently monitoring public, private and hybrid clouds from one comprehensive tool built for DevOps pros and SRE teams for more efficient IT operations and effective release cycles.

Consolidate legacy tools and consoles

Eliminate the inefficiency of switching between cloud provider consoles and legacy monitoring tools. Moogsoft Observability Cloud delivers a comprehensive, real-time view of metrics, logs, and network performance data from on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Instantly scale modern IT visibility

Free yourself from the worry that your monitoring tools cannot keep pace with today’s hyperscale and dynamic infrastructure. Moogsoft monitors new cloud instances and containers from the moment they are spun up until they are brought down.

Automate cross-platform event correlation

Log events, metrics, and alerts are dynamically correlated into a single incident regardless of the number or type of systems generating the information.
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