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Intelligent Observability for SREs
Reduce the toil associated with incident management – particularly around cause analysis – and improve uptime and MTTR.

Reduce Troublesome Toil

One of the key SREs goals is to automate boring, manual, repetitive work (toil) away. Not only is toil tedious, it’s dangerous as well. Manual tasks are onerous and repetitive and frequently lead to errors. Thankfully the automation and insights that Moogsoft’s AIOps and observability platform provides is an important tool to handle toil and the unreliability it often causes. The noise reduction, correlation and AI-based anomaly detection provides the improved analysis required to stop SREs from playing “whack-a-mole” all day and instead focus on managing their SLOs and SLIs, prioritizing smart automation and managing diverse technical platforms.

Focus On Innovation

As Moogsoft alleviates a lot of the manual toil associated with the SRE world, it in turn frees teams to concentrate on higher value work and important innovation. The latter is not solely in the realm of devops. SRE teams are using Moogsoft AI to create vastly more intelligent IT monitoring, reliably detecting important patterns and building more proactive incident resolutions.

Weather Alarm Storms and Prevent Pager Fatigue

Modern IT monitoring environments include a virtual sea of monitoring data points. When a typhoon boils up in this world, panic never helps. Nor does wildly sifting through an ocean of data. Moogsoft observability helps SREs prioritize what’s important for the customer experience and what can be safely ignored. And since its inherent noise reduction eliminates constant false positive alerts, it’s invaluable in solving for pager fatigue.
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