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Situational awareness of your digital services’ performance throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

Rapidly detect and resolve incidents

Moogsoft automates the self-service observability that DevOps and SRE teams need to build continuous service assurance into CI/CD pipelines. Its self-service platform leverages patented AI to collect metrics and identify anomalies in real time across the entire application stack. This helps teams rapidly detect deployed code errors and avert API failure-causing incidents before they get to production.

Realize value across your entire DevOps toolchain

Moogsoft automatically refines significant alerts from metrics, changes and log events across your DevOps monitoring stack, and correlates incidents, making developers aware of critical incidents as soon as metrics deviate from the norm, as well as giving them context as to whether the incident arises from their code or something else. This early warning and incident context allows for faster bug fixes and business continuity automation, and ultimately, more productive development cycles.. It also means teams are able to remediate problems before the impacts become customer facing.

Accelerate the SDLC across multiple teams

Moogsoft provides companies of all sizes an enterprise-class platform that can be adopted at any pace across single or multiple teams as needed. Moogsoft can be integrated into the DevOps toolchain to drive greater availability, visibility and traceabilty as teams deploy new digital services and customer experiences.

Optimize flow from idea to value realization

DevOps teams can accelerate their end-to-end value stream, by finding problems early and ensuring they don’t proceed into the live environments where they are more costly and time-consuming to remediate. They can also spend less time detecting, fixing and recovering from those issues that do make it into production, making more time available to the development and SRE teams to innovate and pay down technical debt, further accelerating the delivery of more value to customers.

Fast feedback on new features

When features are available to customers in live, Moogsoft can ensure the DevOps team are able to see how they are performing and how customers are reacting, whether it’s a canary release or a deployment to all users. By using metrics like session length and bounce rate, developers can make decisions on what’s working best and how to pivot or persevere.
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