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Drastically reduce alert noise and eliminate unnecessary
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Datadog Marketplace

Expand your capabilities by leveraging Moogsoft via the Datadog Marketplace. This deep bi-directional integration makes your monitoring and observability solution more intelligent and drives operational efficiencies. From within the Datadog UI, with a few clicks, you can be accessing the Moogsoft Observability Cloud and realizing value in minutes.

More Value for Datadog Users

If you are already collecting metrics and events in Datadog, no problem. Moogsoft can directly ingest this data. Then, the AI-driven algorithms go to work deduplicating and correlating alerts into fewer, more actionable incidents. This deep integration automatically adds valuable context to incidents, which drives operational awareness and eliminates potential business-impacting problems.

Context-Rich Incidents

Datadog users can easily drill into the Moogsoft UI for further diagnostics and investigation. The Datadog data is correlated with other data sources to provide full stack visibility in the form of context-rich incidents. Whether you have applications in the cloud or legacy on-premises applications, Datadog and Moogsoft have you covered.

Faster Resolution

Moogsoft and Datadog provide a level of monitoring and observability never seen before. A Moogsoft dashboard within the Datadog UI displays actionable intelligence and makes anomalies obvious to Datadog customers, helping them save time and avoid outages.

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