Platform Features
Correlation is about pattern discovery. It makes logical connections between data from anywhere in technology stacks.

See patterns across technology stacks

Correlation algorithms weigh data by factors such as text, time, and topology. The correlation of alerts helps DevOps practitioners and SREs to ensure that microservices, apps and systems are running at peak performance.

Clusters identify potential incidents

Moogsoft correlation algorithms analyze alerts to identify clusters of similarity across service-affecting incidents, problems, or changes. Start grouping your alerts and seeing your next steps more clearly.

Correlation slashes alert volume

Moogsoft’s Correlation Engine is far more robust and scalable than approaches based on hard-coded rules and pattern matching. Moogsoft is for modern, dynamic environments that rely on containers and microservices. The video shows how.
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Additional Features

Noise Reduction

Large volumes of data hinders detecting and fixing an outage.


Enrichment adds context to ingested alerts from various data sources to provide actionable insights.

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies that are outside normal operating behavior and impede the customer experience.

Custom Integration

Build your own integration to any data source for full observability and collaboration.


Collaboration across teams is the fastest way to resolve complex multiservice incidents.

Self Service

Moogsoft lets you get up-and-running in minutes by yourself, to quickly realize value.
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